EST. 2012

I wanted to share this photo with you guys, hope you like it.
Submitted by Omer Nihad

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So, what do you think?

  1. Nill Says:

    Very well suited, love the shoes

  2. Emily Says:

    Perfect combination

  3. Nate Says:

    Looks ok. Pretty good fit, nice shoes. Shirt collar looks a bit sloppy though.

  4. marcoTHEtailor Says:

    ok, i always try and find the positives first but…….
    1. that kind of shirt isn’t for a suit. The collar is being eaten by lapels.
    2. the pants are a horrible fit. theres about 10 pants breaks when there should be 3-4 tops.
    3. the jacket is too big. Sleeves too long.
    4. It looks to be a mixed with some synthetic materials.
    5. FIND A TAILOR As Soon As Possible. ask him to take in shoulders, chest, sides, shorten sleeves on jacket. shorten pants (by at least 2 full inches, probably even more). trust me…you will feel like its not even the same suit. you will also look 100x better.
    6. who are these 1st two commenters & are they actually serious or am I missing the sarcasm because its the internet?

  5. Thomas Says:

    I agree with marcoTHEtailor. This looks like an “Cool! It fits me right off the hanger.” situation.

  6. Jacob Says:

    I have to agree with marcoTHEtailor. Sorry but it looks really bad

  7. Omer nihad Says:

    MarcoThe tailor, thanks for the tips and advice, i will definitely to something about it.

  8. Hafız Says:

    Hacı abi cidden olmamış be

  9. marcoTHEtailor Says:

    @ omer…no problem. I genuinely like this site because guys can help each other out and share tips along the way. Ive learned things from here as well.

    Also forgot in last comment. the color combo of navy & that icey blue look really good together.

  10. RAFab Says:

    @marcoTHEtailor & @omer:

    Awesome interaction, this is what blogs and their respective comments should be about… constructive feedback, and an open mind to receive it.

    I agree with you marcoTHEtailor, good fitting and tailoring make a world of difference.

  11. amin Says:

    @RAFab well said!!

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