EST. 2012

jeansbeigeblazerJacket-Alessandro Cantarelli
Shoes-Allen Edmonds
Belt-Suit supply
Bracelet-Massimo Dutti
Pocket square-Kent Wang

Submitted by Marcus

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So, what do you think?

  1. Haz Says:

    Autofocus in my camera is broken too, I feel your pain.

    But you know you can set the focus manually, right?

  2. Feryll Says:

    Great but the jeans look cheap.

  3. marcus Says:

    Haz: Nothing is broken just poor photo skills combined with Iphone.

    Feryll: Thanks, could you please let me know what with the jeans you think look cheap?

  4. Nate Says:

    This is close to looking great, but a few things let it down…

    The jacket doesn’t fit right. A lot of wrinkling in the arms.
    The jeans look very tight in the thigh and quite loose in the calf. Not a huge fan of the fading either
    And of course, the worst photo quality in Trashness history!

    It really isn’t far off being a strong outfit though. Love the shoes.

  5. Feryll Says:

    Marcus, I just don’t like stone washed jeans. Jeans are one of the least elegant trousers and stone washing them gives them a worn-out look which dresses down to a level which is way too mainstream for me. I mean skaters wear such things. (I might be a little old fashioned.)

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