EST. 2012

Submitted by Secondhand Dandy

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So, what do you think?

  1. Moomkin Says:

    Nice suit my man! where did you get it ?

  2. Nate Says:

    Suit Supply?

    I like the whole outfit, but I’m wondering if the suit is 1/2 a size too big?

  3. Secondhand Dandy Says:

    @Moomkin: Thanks a lot! It’s from one of the Zara’s previous collections :)

    @Nate: The suit has been taken in by tailor, and the pants were resewn for the comfort of higher waist. The leg opening and sleeves are a little bit fuller than in my usual tailored garments, but in terms of DB suit I think it has some kind of retro chic :)

    Thank you guys for the opinion!

  4. J. Darko Says:

    As they say: better safe than sorry.

  5. noCountry4FreeMan Says:

    Replace the pocket square and you have a 5* look. Good job though!

  6. Bespoke Says:

    Great fit on shoulders and body! I sometimes prefer fuller openings, no point having every suit ultra slim fit, variation is good! Great colour too!

  7. Bespoke Says:

    Nice shoes too, where are they from?

  8. Kuba Says:

    @Bespoke: Shoes are from Clarks (Secondhand)

  9. Bespoke Says:

    They look great, thanks!

  10. T. Brown Says:

    Great look. If you don’t mind me asking, what is the fabric of the suit? Is it a wool/poly blend or poly/rayon, etc?

  11. Secondhand Dandy Says:

    @T.Brown: It is a wool/mohair blend – that’s the reason why the fabric has a slightly sheen :)

  12. Stephen Says:

    Looks awesome!!

  13. Timothy Says:

    Nice, looks swell!!
    I agree on the retro chic

  14. Sherlock Says:

    Do you wear braces and a belt?

  15. Brotha Says:

    Nice try, SHD!

  16. kian Hurst Says:

    I like the suit and more importantly I loved the photography. The tie is mesmerizing and also the colour of the coat. Thanks for this beautiful picture. I liked it.

  17. Big D Says:

    I like…..!

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