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Funny guy;)
Submitted by il Albanese

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So, what do you think?

  1. Diego Says:

    Well done and very inspiring.

  2. Antonio B. Says:


  3. Roddy Says:

    Man you are ugly and you look like a clown

  4. Dr. StrangeLove Says:


    We are so glad to have William Shakespeare among us! Only a berk of your caliber would present in this manner in a public forum such as this.

  5. Sherlock Says:

    Roddy, those are very inappropriate and offensive comments to make. I suggest you don’t comment at all on public forums and keep your shallow thoughts to yourself.

  6. Amirbabak The Persian Says:

    @sherlock @Dr.StrangeLove well said…

  7. Amirbabak The Persian Says:

    @il Albanese elegant creative and inspiring. Always classy. 5*

  8. Thomas Says:

    Not the best pant choice but still, I respect your work.

  9. Lasse Ellingsen Says:

    The umbrella is awesome!

  10. Emmanuel Alvarez Says:

    nice style.

  11. garrison Says:

    I agree, very clownesqe

  12. Il Albanese Says:

    Firstonce, a big thank you to all commentators. and second Roddy, I do not know who showed you this page but one has forgotten promise you how to behave. little one!!!

  13. A Says:

    hate the shoes. generally speaking i love this man though. fab sport coat. not feeling the tie (colour). bag doesnt work.

  14. Respect Says:

    woooow. nice put together I have to say.. Respect you for taking the risk.. over all, it still Good looks. great job

  15. Mr. Red Says:

    Great job!

  16. Big D Says:

    This must be à Joke …..but I am not laughing

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