EST. 2012

Clubmaster, Bowtie and & Linen Suit …
Submitted by Javier Ollero

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So, what do you think?

  1. Nate Says:

    Full seersucker suit, white hat, white shoes….. I want to be you when I’m older….

  2. Pavel Says:

    As I can see it is not a seersucker suit, only the jacket. By this reason I want to say that blue trousers are too boring. I’d better go for a beige washed khaki chinos to add third color and of course the self tie bowtie will add some good sprezz to this outfit.

    However it looks pretty good. Keep posting…

  3. Birdistheword Says:

    More like gassy summer ….

  4. Ilikebums Says:

    At least when you’re on a plane and an engine goes those trousers can double up as a parachute!

  5. Big D Says:

    I like seersucker….

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