EST. 2012

Two passions – surfing & style
Submitted by Son of a Beach

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So, what do you think?

  1. Shaun Says:

    You put on a dress shirt and DB jacket AFTER you put on your wetsuit?! WTF.

  2. themanwho Says:

    Oh, dear! I’m afraid ‘Shaun’ has an excellent point, even if he is a little too blunt about it. I appreciate that you’re passionate about your sport and your style. But in this instance, the unwarranted combination of the two is really just incongruous. It is neither fashion-forward or traditional. It is simply an affectation. Simply for the camera, no less. That is not how a gentleman should dress. I’m a rugby player. But I would never wear my rugby boots and shorts then top it all off with a white tie and tails. The resulting look would be neither here nor there. I would not look remotely stylish, nor would others regard me as having any style. This is basically what you have done here. If you separate your sporting passion from your style, I’m confident the result will be 100% better.

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