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Jacket x Stafford, Shirt x Eton, Trousers – MTM, Unmarked Grenadine Tie – Thrifted, Wool Pocket Square x Armstrong & Wilson, Suede Wingtips x Cheaney, Socks x Banana Republic, Glasses w/Clip-on Shades x Tom Ford, “S” Tie Pin and Tiger’s Eye Ring – Thrifted.
Submitted by Wale S.

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So, what do you think?

  1. Thomas Says:

    Excellent! Major bonus points for wearing the Stafford sport coat! “i’d totally wear that”.

  2. Nate Says:

    Yeah, this guy is fast-becoming one of my favourites on here. Sometimes doesn’t quite nail the fit, but this is all good. Interesting blog too.

  3. Shawn Says:

    Stupid website didn’t post my comment so now I have to type again. As I was actually writing, I’m not able to tell for sure if the trousers are black or navy (navy I’m guessing?) and the tie brown or black (brown, I suppose?) Great look Wale as usual, love that jacket!

  4. Bespoke Says:

    I think it is a brown tie and navy trousers! Im which case, great look!

  5. dboy Says:

    best dressed man on this blog…hands down!

  6. Thomas Says:


  7. Thomas Says:

    He’s certainly a contender but not yet the best. I’d say it’s a tie for top spot between CenCal Sosa and Secondhand Dandy.

    Wale is definitely in the top 5 best dressed list though.

  8. Bespoke Says:

    Guys @ Trashness should let us vote on the best dressed…would be interesting to see the outcome!

  9. xi dong Says:

    you are KILLING it!!!!

  10. Monsieur Figaro Says:

    Too much contrast between the trousers and the jacket and way too much from wrist to fingers…

  11. Diego Says:

    The top half of the outfit is absolutely amazing. The tie and pocket square are just perfect with that shirt and blazer.
    The bottom half is a disaster. Wrong shoes for this outfit. Go with leather, not suede.
    The colour and pattern of the socks are not working with this outfit. Offset things a little by wearing argyle socks, predominantly blue with and a bit of light beige or grey in them.
    Lastly your jacket is quite long so delete the cuffs on your pants, as it will improve your overall proportions and you will look 2 inches taller.

  12. Thomas Says:

    @bespoke, It would be nice if there was an option to see the highest rated pictures.

  13. amin Says:

    @Besoke @Thomas
    We hear you bro!

  14. Anonymous Says:

    beautiful outfit , way to break the rules of mixing brown and black, you nailed it.

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