EST. 2012

firm tie trashness
Submitted by Fabio La Mantia

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So, what do you think?

  1. Brotha Says:

    Slim tie and wide lapels…

  2. Nate Says:

    Yeah agree. Nice jacket though. And car!

  3. Thomas Says:

    Agreed, get a fat tie and all is forgiven.

  4. Anonymous Says:

    The jacket is too tight in the waist, do you see it pulling like crazy and the lapels buckling? Also, the shoulder lines look like roller-coasters. That may be because your arms are up, not sure. There is a loose thread near your left sleeve buttons. I suspect these sleeves are too long and do not show any shirt cuff when standing normally.

  5. Haz Says:

    @Anon: it’s really hard to tell about the shoulders and the pulling around the button because of the position of the arms. So until we see him wearing this jacket in more natural, relaxed position, this kind of criticism isn’t gonna be constructive.

    Long sleeves and skinny tie with wide lapels though – yeah, that needs change.

  6. Diego Says:

    This guy reminds me so much of a young Alain Delon. This look would have been perfect had the tie been wider and in a darker grey. Well done Fabio!

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