EST. 2012

Happy New Year to all.. final fit from 2013..
Submitted by Sosa

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So, what do you think?

  1. Otto Says:

    The pants are dirty and too long.
    The shoes are appalling.
    Why do you go on to post outfit of this man?

  2. steven Says:

    The only merit Ill give you Otto are the pants are soiled. Apart from that I have to disagree to the 10th degree.. how are the pants too long? I think it hits the shoe where its supposed too unless you are part of the high-water crowd..the shoes do not look appalling.. I think you are being way too dramatic. I like the fit.. very simple but good..That leather jacket is killer!

  3. Diego Says:

    I really like those shoes, they work well with the colour and fabric of the pants. The jacket fits well and brings the whole outfit together in a cool 70s sort of way.

  4. marcoTHEtailor Says:

    @ Otto….guy in pic is 6’9 so I’d say his fit is pretty much perfect on those pants.
    Honestly regardless of his height, its an awesome fit.
    minus very slight tightness in pocket area.
    very tricky mod that most tailors can’t pull off without doing it bespoke.
    good look.

  5. Bethlaham Says:

    @Otto, offside. Yes the pants are dirty but fit is fine and the shoes are great.

  6. Brotha Says:

    Jacket is rugged and very casual while pants are rather on formal side. It’s not coherent in my opinion. I would rather pick more casual pants made of thick cotton or wool i.e gabardine…
    Overall I like this guy’s style – simple but well fitted.

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