EST. 2012

Suit: Corneliani

Shirt: Eton

Tie: Thomas Pink (linen)

Chelsea Boots: JM Weston

Glasses:Ray Bans

Submitted by sosa

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So, what do you think?

  1. Diego Says:

    Chelsea boots work best with 60s style tapered mod suits. Your Corneliani deserves a proper pair of balmorals.

  2. Sosa Says:

    you are right Diego.. its just hard to wear balmorals with this suit because its so light (super 160′s) and does not drape well over lace ups.. it would with cuffs.. but thats my curse because my legs are so long(inseam 40) that I need every bit of fabric that I can get with off the rack suits (that usually go up to an inseam 38 un-hemmed)..I have other suits with that kind of lightness of fabric that has cuffs that drape really well..oh well.. thanks for the observation Diego as always!

  3. Le Baron Says:

    Everything looks ok separately but the overall look is quite dull…I am not sure whether a more colourful tie or ps would make a huge difference (I like your tie and ps)

  4. Sosa Says:

    I would not agree with dull Le Baron.. I would say simple..Im not a loud colors and pattern kind of guy..the pin stripes are bold.. I would not pair it with a bold stripe shirt and a bold tie.. I feel everything else has to be simple..Thanks for your observation as usual Le Baron

  5. Youri Says:

    Sosa, your fits are wonderful. Subtle and real. They outfits that look like you actually wear these to an office job. I dislike how many other posters on this blog are just playing dress-up and/or are only obsessed with showing newly purchased products. Hats off to you.

  6. Sosa Says:

    You nailed it Youri.. I feel that everyone is deserving of the 4-5 stars they get but most would not work in a conservative biz setting. Every picture I take is of me in my office wear before/during or after the office. In my industry, it helps to be well dressed.. but when you start looking trendy.. then not so good.. thanks for the words man..

  7. Steven Says:

    I have to agree with Youri.. I like your looks because they are more realistic of what I would see in the workplace although a little more classy (with the pocket square and fit).. it seems people on here and style blogs play dress up and try to peacock as much as possible for notoriety..I like the boots with it.. gives the classic suit a twist.. 5 stars from me!

  8. A Says:

    nice … but … hardly interesting enough to be worthy of a blog posting
    and … the world’s ugliest shoes, i dont care what fabric the suit is … wtf

  9. Steven Says:

    stop hating are the shoes ugly? And just because he is not wearing a bright tie and cropped pants, its not interesting enough?? You are just hating for no reason..I want too see what you think is interesting enough.. let me guess.. skinny lapels with a God-awful bright, loud, garish tie with cropped pants that show all of the ankle and some leg and ugly ass loafers.. yea got it!

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