EST. 2012

Suit: Suit Supply (Napoli)

Shirt: Charvet

Tie: Lanvin

Shoes: Garziano and Girling

Pocket Square: Nordstrom

Glasses:Ray Bans

Meetings at work today so kept it simple..

Submitted by sosa

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So, what do you think?

  1. Geco Says:

    Your shoes are something special……just googled the website and wow, they are all beautiful. Don’t know how you afford them!! Good luck to you my man, loving your sh*t, keep up the good work!

  2. Stephen Says:

    On point as always!

  3. Haz Says:

    Clean and simple, the fit is brilliant as always.

  4. Bespoke Says:

    I love your looks always impeccable fit! I would personally choose a white pocket square but that’s just me…..amazing shoes and they are made in my town in the UK!!

  5. Dr. StrangeLove Says:

    Great job! I usually find your outfits dull but I think this is spot on

  6. Timothy Says:

    Amazing fit! 5*

  7. Steven Says:

    Yea good job.. I disagree with Dr. Strange in terms of outfits being dull (there are some on this site that can reign in the peacocking a bit)…but this is an awesome fit.. kudos..

  8. Sosa Says:

    Thanks guys..@ Geco.. I have owned this pair for over 3 years now.. my only really high end tier shoe..the quality is amazing and have really worn the heck out of these shoes but it does not show..I am planning on buying a pair of Edward Green’s in a couple weeks as well.. a birthday gift to myself, lol..@Bespoke, yes they are!! Even more this suit supply suit is getting a lot of use..plan on buying another suit supply suit in a couple weeks as well..their stuff fits me well..thanks again guys!

  9. Thomas Says:

    Sosa, who does your tailoring down there in Fresno?

  10. Sosa Says:

    a place called Park Alterations on Shaw..been going to them since I landed in Fresno 4 years ago..and they are great at what they do with fast turn around times..

  11. Thomas Says:

    Awesome. I usually go to Gili on Bullard & Marks but I’ll check out your place. Thanks!

  12. MoPhatNewYork Says:

    Not much to say here. I think the fit and tailoring is spot on. This look is AB = All Business – Very we’ll done.

  13. Sosa Says:

    Thanks MoPhat!

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