EST. 2012

Suit: YSL Rive Gauche (From Tom Ford era)

Shirt: Suit Supply

Tie: Theory

Shoes: Ferragamo (Tramezza’s)

Watch: Oris Point Dater automatic.

Live from Fresno, CA! Just to clarify most of my looks are very minimalist and simple. Im not a big pattern guy or bright colors kind of guy. My size (6″9 245lbs) already catches and keeps people’s attention. So I dont feel comfortable overdoing it with patterns and color. Keep it simple is motto! Thanks to those for the props on other pics I have posted.. much appreciated!
Submitted by sosa

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So, what do you think?

  1. Bespoke Says:

    I’ll say it again and again…..amazing fit!

  2. Haz Says:

    The gorge is quite low on this jacket, as compared to what I’m used to see nowadays. This detail might make a suit look somewhat dated if the fit is anything short of perfect. But you’ve got nothing to worry about here. The fit is, indeed, spectacularly good. The simplicity of the outfit helps too – shows not dated, but timeless style.

    I don’t like the shoes though, but that’s a matter of personal taste I believe.

  3. dboy Says:

    perfect fit!

  4. PeterdH Says:

    I don’t think the gorge on the suit is too low. He’s got long legs as it is, a higher gorge would make him look out of proportion. Though I’m a big fan of Ferragamo shoes, they don’t combine well with these pants, as too much of them is covered. Shorter trousers would not work for him being this tall and probably having quite a large shoe size. Wonderful suit though. I’d go with a different knot in the tie, but that’s pinpointing.

  5. Monsieur Says:

    Well, a illustrated definition of boring!
    at 6,9 this is big boring!

  6. Thomas Says:

    I lived in Fresno from 1983-2006. I can tell you that CCSosa must be the best dressed man in town as they’re all about jeans, tshirts and flip-flops there. I’m curious to see what CCSosa wears during the summer as they get weeks of triple digit temperatures.

    Another solid look. Since we’re all nitpicking- I would have went with a tie that stands out more.

  7. Michael D Says:

    i would have opened my eyes for the picture, but that’s just me. I like the fit and suit. always well dressed tiny.

  8. Haz Says:

    @PeterdH: that is true too; didn’t say it’s too low – I said it’s lower than what I’m used too. And that it looks good nontheless.

  9. Sosa Says:

    Thanks all.. as for the shoes..I chose them because of the suit..the suit is really constructed after a true Tom Ford look.. structured shoulders.. an extremely nipped waist..slim at the thighs and flared out at the bottom (almost like bell bottoms) tailor who has worked with every brand imaginable felt that we should stay true to the aesthetic and left the bottoms wider than what I am used too..I was not sure at first but I like it because it makes it unique.. The shoe choice came about because all the other shoes I had would disappear under the hem of the pants due to the width of the plain hem..these shoes were the only ones long enough to stand out on their own..the gorge also almost stopped me from buying the suit..but when I tried on the jacket and saw the modern cut, it won me over.. plus to me it makes the suit look unique..The tie was tied using a 4 IH..the tie style is really up my alley.. I like muted patterns..there is a certain quiet elegance to it that I love..thanks again guys!

  10. xi dong Says:

    ohhh you don’t say! BORING! GET OVER YOUR 6’9 nonsense

  11. steven Says:

    Xi, why such vitriol? I have noticed with certain posters, you never have anything constructive to say and you get so negative to the point that you really hate them? Nothing in life is that serious dude..chill out.. I guess this is a case of an internet gangster, lol

  12. Oz Says:

    @Xi Racist Mother F**ker!

  13. Monsieur Says:

    Steven, Oz….let the chink alone!

  14. Dirty_Dave Says:

    Salute brother. Good look and a perfect fit

  15. Dapperola Says:

    @Sosa: fantastic fit! any ideas where to find the suit & shoes?

  16. Mike Says:

    Just awesome bro! Perfect everywhere. I like the understatement too. Sometimes my mood takes me to dress like a peacock but that is kinda boring to do it all the time. For a tiny wee flash embellishment I would probs add a small gold tie bar but this look is spot on!

  17. Mauricio Says:

    Congratulations. Perfect.

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