EST. 2012

Suit: Isaia Napoli (Brushed Wool)
Shirt: Hugo Boss
Tie: Barneys NY
Shoes: Cordwainer
Pocket Square: Hugo Boss
Submitted by sosa

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So, what do you think?

  1. Otto Says:

    The outfit is very featureless. It doesn’t seems the style of Isaia.
    The shoes are unbareable to watch.

  2. Thomas Says:

    It’s a flawless professional look. Suit is well fitted. Good job Sosa.

  3. giorgio Says:

    Very neutral look. something is missing, maybe replace the shoes and the tie with something more vibrant rather than dark brown.

  4. steven Says:

    What is unbearable about the shoes Otto? I think you are right Giorgio in that it is a very monochromatic look. However that maybe the look he is going for. I think it looks great. There are no items that scream look at me which is what we see on here a lot with the whole “Sprezz” movement. The fit is on point and all together he looks put together. You dont say “oh thats a nice tie, or nice shoes” go “wow, he is dressed well”

  5. giorgio Says:

    @ steven, yes it is my personal opinion. I just commented on the colour, as our friend Sosa has a dark skin, so something more colourful would fit better as a total look. His skin colour can support brighter colours and that is my only suggested alteration in the look.

  6. Amirbabak Says:

    I’d say if some celebrity were wearing this, everyone would be so wowed. I mean there is honestly nothing wrong with Sosa’s outfit here both individually and as a combo: Isaia, Hugo Boos, Cordwainer…. I am tryin to make a point here.

  7. Nate Says:

    AS ALWAYS this man’s fit is on point. He is 6’9, but you would guess it from his pictures. Just goes to show how well he understands fit and proportions. Good job.

  8. Sebastiaan Says:

    Hugo shirt/ Isaia suit is like driving a pink Maserati..

  9. Nate Says:

    ^ explain please.

  10. M Says:

    Look at the break on the trousers! It shows that whether you’re for (double) breaks or floods, both can look stunning when executed well.

  11. steven Says:

    I never questioned your take Giorgio.. I was agreeing with you to a point and providing another take on it..I think the fit is awesome. This is a look 20 years from now that will look compared to some peeps on here with the too tight clothing or the multiple accessories on one outfit..this is simple coherent and would work in any office any where in the world

  12. giorgio Says:

    @ Steven, no problem. He could just look a bit more “fresh” with other colours.

  13. marius Says:

    Sosa looks good. I would wear this outfit to work.

  14. Luis Says:

    Dude, you really have style! Congrats.

  15. RAFab Says:

    Good fit and combination, though I would wear brown shoes and similar tone of tie.

  16. Paul Says:

    just boring…sorry.

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