EST. 2012


Jacket: LBM 1911
Shirt: Uniqlo shirt collar polo
Pants: Levi 513
Shoes: Minnetonka
Submitted by Danilo

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So, what do you think?

  1. noCountry4FreeMan Says:

    Danilo, I have seen your previous post. I believe that the fit of the trousers you were does not flatter your body. I recommend to try a pair of trousers with lower waist. Keep posting though!

  2. Onetimetolive Says:

    I disagree with the gentleman. I think the pants look great on you. The whole fit is nice and laid back. I can dig it.

  3. Amirbabak The Persian Says:

    @Danilo I like the blazer a lot
    @noCountryforfreeman I like that positive attitude of yours. Rare these days. Keep

  4. Thomas Says:

    The pants are the right cut.

  5. Timothy Says:

    I don’t mind the rise on the jeans, though I would prefer a proper shirt over a polo shirt and would keep the collar tucked under the jacket in either case.
    Also I find the flashy red pocket square a little incoherent. I’d go with something lighter and more in harmony with the overall colour palette you’ve got going on there. Perhaps cream linen with brown dots or anything else more subdued if you own it.
    I do like me them unpadded LBM summer jackets though, I have a few and wouldn’t mind brown:)
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  6. Citron Says:

    Horrible outfit, raggy fit, not aiming any look or style in particular except for just poor. Very far from Dandy.

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