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Submitted by Dualleh Abdulrahman

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So, what do you think?

  1. marcoTHEtailor Says:

    jacket is a beaut.

  2. Jonas! Says:

    Agree with @marcoTHEtailor, jacket is really beautiful. The jeans is perfect, dont like jeans otherwise, but it works great here, and the fit is spot on!

  3. Shawn Says:

    Love your looks! They always are intriguing and original! You seem to have really square shoulders (I can see the jacket has natural shoulders yet it falls really square). Is this a problem when you buy jackets off the rack? I have square shoulders too and I can’t seem to find decent fitting RTW jackets around the shoulders…

  4. Luqman Says:

    I’m feeling the jacket…. I need to meet your tailor!!!! He/she is on point.

  5. Diego Says:

    Dualleh, you just took it to the next level. I love the red layer, it brings it all together with a pop of colour. Love the denim, what’s the brand?.

  6. Bespoke Says:

    Feelin this!

  7. Nate Says:

    Yup. You’ve killed the fit here. Nice pop of colour with the jumper and the pocket square edge too. Good work D. I am enjoying seeing a more casual look too. As much as I love fine tailoring, there is something to be said for the less refined, but still stylish look.

    Do other guys want to see more casual looks on here too? (please note, before I receive a serious tongue-lashing, I am not talking about pics of guys in their sweats! You should have a feel for my style now)

  8. Thomas Says:

    Good job!

  9. C5 Says:

    looks terribly uncomfortable.

  10. JC Says:

    Easily your best look (and you have A LOT of awesome ones). I love how all your looks/clothes have a cool character to them. I’m skeptical now that this blog has allowed ratings and comments because I fear everyone is just gonna “like” and rate highly the same GQ/Esquire-esque looks which, frankly, is just boring and mundane. I like those looks but I consider them the baseline and then you put your own personal spin on it. I love character and uniqueness, and you ALWAYS nail it. I’ll say it again, this look ROCKS. And my god, that you find a lot of your stuff thrifted? HUGE extra points.

  11. Dualleh Says:

    Hai Guys thanx:) @ Shawn i really do have problems with of the reck clothing, the best thing about the thrift store is they have paddings in the schoulders. When i remove the padding the post of the vintage ones have extra padding inside the seem line that connects the arm with the shoulders. So i add a little padding to get the squar:) I have ben into the dandy dapper style for 14 years now. I understand most guys think a tie pocket squar & blazer is dapper. But there is more to it. Iam allways trying different combos to see what happens. Thinks that i like:) Sometimes it works somtimes not.. But as person grows up so does his tast:) I can upload an old pic of myn with my afro & crazy style?? Again thanx guys!!

  12. xi dong Says:

    post it!

  13. Dualleh Says:

    did i ask u ding dong!!?

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