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So, what do you think?

  1. Angel Says:

    Wanted to know the brand of the shoes that are with the polka dotted ben sherman socks, does anyone know?

  2. RandalC Says:

    I don’t know about the polka dot socks. I do know that wearing shoes sockless is seen more a relaxed fashion. I have a pair almost like the ones in the top picture and have worn them without socks; they are one of my older pair of leather shoes anyway. I took the shoes into a cobbler that I have been using over the years to work on the soles; she commented that I must wear them without socks since the insole is in a about to need to be replaced. The only problem is that the leather starts to break down faster. She said she as seen lately more oxford style shoes really get “trashed” inside before the soles or the leather on the outside of the shoe needs repair. The main culprit she said is salty sweat. All the moisture from the feet are in direct contact of the shoe and the foot rubs the leather wearing it out faster. She recommend really low cut socks that cover the bottom of the feet to help absorb the moisture. I do have the agree that it can feel really sweaty at times. The no shows socks, that I now wear, help in that issue. She also said it’s not good hygiene for the feet.

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