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So, what do you think?

  1. Bespoke Says:

    Love this! good fit and colours. shirt sleeves a tad too long and I normally don’t wear a tie and blazer with a button down collar shirt but I’m just being picky, as I like this look a lot! :)

  2. PlayingTheBlues Says:

    I agree for the most part with @Bespoke. Here’s my 2 cents:
    This is a good understatement. The one thing really standing out are the extraordinary shoes (fantastic, btw!). I would change the shirt for a white one with a more widespread collar (nothing too fancy, but a bit more modern) and double cuffs with silver cufflinks. I’d keep the PS folded the way it is, but match it to the (imaginary) white shirt.
    Also, I’d be careful with the blue tie with the blue blazer, to me the to shades seem to clash. How about a dark burgundy?
    Otherwise this is a nice Business-Casual-attire! 4/5*

  3. Big D Says:

    No…no……à classic look doesnt mix with the trendy shoes…..

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