EST. 2012

Different shades of Blue…Shoes by Sutor Mantellassi, Watch: Rolex Daytona with leather Nato straps, Double breasted blazer by Tommy Hilfiger, Pants by Steve Allen, Sunglasses by Persol
Submitted by Emanuel

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So, what do you think?

  1. Bespoke Says:

    nice colours and I love a Daytona (or Omega Speedmaster) on a leather nato! loving the unforced sprezz!

  2. K2 Says:

    @ Bespoke – I was waiting for you to comment on the time piece lol

    Cant go wrong with blue layering. I woulda went brown shoes over black. Personal choice tho.

  3. Bespoke Says:

    @K2 Hahaha….you know me too well!! :)

  4. Emanuel Says:

    @bespoke thanks for the comment . @k2 shoes are actualy blue

  5. K2 Says:

    @ Emanuel touché!

  6. MoPhatNewYork Says:

    Is that Park Ave in New York? I would have liked to have gotten a look at the shoes. I’ve always liked the Daytona. I own the Daytona’s, as I like to say little brother, a Tudor Tiger. People often mistake it as a Daytona. The colors are done well here. Love the blue, I also appreciate the Persol’s. Very nice choices.

  7. Sherlock Says:

    Cool, understated look. I’m loving the watch talk, I agree with MoPhatNewYork about the Tudor Tiger and the Speedy is a smart versatile watch which is my first choice especially with a suit.

  8. Late Rana Says:

    Excellent attire. Congrats fellow Newyorker.

  9. Big D Says:

    You Can afford √† smoke…. But not socks?

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